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When you visit us:

You can expect the worship to be lively. We believe in a dynamic time of praising God. A message

delivered by the pastor but inspired by God. A safe and fun place for your kids to learn about

God. And caring and relevant leaders to reach out to your teens. You can expect family! You don’t

just visit family, you join family and we pray you will come and join our family.

Church of Living Water Ministries:

purseWomen’s Ministry at Church of Living Water is designed with community in mind. Each year these ministries sponsor an annual retreat so time can be spent together in friendship, fellowship, worship, and community.There are several days through the year where the ladies gather for worship and encouragement, days designed to help each participant grow closer to God and each other.

HandshakeThe Men of Church of Living Water have discovered that the best way to express the life of God is through relationship. Through regular prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and friendship, we have discovered that we are poured into each other’s lives. Each member of the community of faith is built up and strengthened as we walk with God.


Nursery Care is provided at Church of Living Water during the main service and at other times as publicized because we know that there is no way to effectively worship God if we are full of worry and concern for our children. Your baby, 0-3 will be loved and cared for in a safe and secure environment as you participate in the community of Church of Living Water each week.

connect-iconConnect is the best expression of community. Family is what we find when we allow ourselves to be connected to one another the way the scriptures teach us. We find love, friendship, caring, and the strength of faith as we spend time together in the smaller environments that connect faith families together.

Powerhouse (3)

It is a lively interactive learning time that helps each participant to learn the value of relationship with God and with each other. We have decided that we will raise a generation that will walk with God every day of their lives and     never know a day apart from his presence. We have designed   ministry to these members of the family with that purpose.

Chosen (3)

Through the Chosen community each participant will find that the faith family produces relationships that will strengthen and encourage the passionate pursuit of the life of God. Here relationships will be formed that empower us to discover and embrace God’s lifelong plans and purposes.


CREW (3)

Purpose: To train and equip participants through practical servant ministry. Servant leadership is the  most effective way to promote the kingdom of God, preach the gospel, and build the Church. In the process individuals will fulfill the great commission and learn how to carry out God’s plan   for their individual lives.

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Sunday 10:00 // Join a Connect Group